Article Marketing Tips: 5 Easy Ways To Make More Money From Your Articles

Article marketing flat-out works and it works well. If you’re not already employing this powerful strategy on a regular basis, you should start today. Here are 5 article marketing tips to help you get more value from every word you write.

1. Provide useful information. Seems obvious, doesn’t it? But you’d be surprised by the number of article writers who seem to miss this crucial point. Providing useful information means delivering value. This should be a foundational principle every article marketer lives by. Adopt it as your own and you’ll have a leg up on those competitors who ignore it.

2. Stay on target. Provide clear and concise information that readers can follow easily. Before writing a word, map out a simple plan for your article. Include your chosen title, the keyword term you want to focus on and a brief list of the points you want to cover. A two-minute plan prepared before you write a single sentence will ensure your article makes sense to readers and delivers the intended lessons, insights, tips or steps. Readers are in a hurry. That’s why it’s so important to get right to it with your delivery. They’ll appreciate the value and your stock will soar in their eyes as they come to view you as an expert on the topic.

3. Deliver the missing link. What is it about your specific topic that your readers want to know? This is the information you need to lead them towards. It’s not about giving up the farm. Effective article marketing provides both quality information and the promise of more. Help people by providing pieces of the puzzle that have so far eluded them.

4. Make article writing a habit. If you think it’s a daunting task to write 100 articles, that’s only because you’re looking at the total number. To write 100 articles, one right after another, would probably be a challenge for all but the top 5% of article writers. But anyone can write 1 article a day for 100 days. In a few months, you could easily have 100 articles published. All it takes is making this powerful marketing tool part of your daily routine.

5. Write for your best prospects. Consider your business and your ultimate goal with respect to article writing. What do you hope to get out of it? Of all the article marketing tips floating around, none is more important to your results than this concept. Think this through in the beginning and clearly identify the type of prospect you want to pull towards your site.

Article writing is a value exchange. You write quality, original articles to attract potential customers, so it only makes sense to serve this targeted group with the content you provide. Target your content and you ultimately attract targeted prospects to you.

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